Monday, 3 January 2011

New Moon in January

Tuesday 4th January will be a New Moon.

We consider it to be the new moon up to 3 1/2 days after the official new moon. She rises around dawn, sets around sunset.

Because she is between the sun and the earth nothing or very little is reflected and for a few days the moon is lost in the brilliance of the sun.

As the sun and moon are on the same side of the earth the pull on us is the strongest. Because the sun, moon and earth are all in a straight line this
creates a time when the high tide is higher and the low tide is lower than usual.

The moon in January has many beautiful names, some of the most used are the Wolf Moon, Quiet Moon, Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Chaste Moon, Disting Moon and Moon of Little Winter.

New Moon Magick - New moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three and a half days after. Magick should be performed between dawn and sunset. Good for beauty, health, self-improvement; farms and gardens; job hunting; love and romance, networking. Protection & creates a shield for the beginning of the cycle.

New Moon – this is a wonderful time to make new beginnings of all types. It is especially good for getting rid of bad habits. Habitual ways of thinking that are harmful and negative can also be abandoned at this time. It is also a good time to start something creative. New projects at work can also be launched.

The first day of the New Moon is really best devoted to the planning stages of ventures. It is good to feel just a little excited and filled with anticipation, although your energy may not be at its highest. A day or two into the cycle is the time to take the initiative, apply for that job, start house hunting or any similar endeavours.

January - the Wolf Moon, is an ideal starting point on the annual cycle because it is a quiet time; a time of sitting by the hearth, keeping warm and safe. The old Anglo Saxon name of Wolf Moon probably came about because at this time of year, when food was scarce and the snows lay heavy, the wolves were hungry enough to become bolder and more dangerous. They would prey on the perimeter of the settlements, desparate enough to take any living thing which strayed into their path.

The year is young and in magickal terms so are we, and the new year stretches out before us full of unknown possibilities. We accept there are hidden dangers but at the same time we know that if we take precautions to safeguard ourselves we stand a good chance of walking the path of the nautural witch without danger.


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