Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mirror Magick

For thousands of years people have gazed into mirrors hoping to see a glimpse of the past, hidden secrets or the future.

Mirrors have and can be used as charms, amulets, spell components and as a meditative focus.

Magic Mirrors - The magic mirror is one of the oldest tools employed in both divination and spell casting. The classic magic mirror is a dark concave surface or reflective material. You can construct one for yourself by using the curved glass face of a clock and painting the convex side with glossy black paint. Some people keep one mirror for scrying and divination and one for spells.

Elemental Mirrors - to honour the four elements, make and use a seperate mirror for each element. For instance if you have a question about imagination, education, new ideas or transformation you would address that question to your Air mirror. This idea can be taken another step by making elemental mirrors to connect with slyphs, salamanders, gnomes or undines.

Healing Mirrors - use a polished shiny bowl, fill with water and charge it under the full moon, then drink the water. Maybe add herbs to the water too.

Small mirrors or pieces of mirror can be used in creating amulets, talismans or charms.

Mirrors can be used in all sorts of magick - confidence, banishing, charm, communication, determination, fear, glamoury, insight, luck, memories, money, truth and promises.

Mirrors are also good to use when shapeshifting.

Working with your mirror - keep the surface clean, charge, recharge and bless your mirror regularly, working on a full moon seems to work best for mirror magick, burn incense to heighten your psychic awareness whilst you work, work in the dark with candles and don't focus to hard on the mirrors surface, it is your mind's eye that should be doing the 'seeing'.

Mirror Deities - Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Hathor, Isis, Oshun, Venus, Vesta

Some Feng Shui tips on placement of mirrors in your home:

It is an advice to you to not to place mirror in front of the bed, as they bring third party influence in a marriage.
Placing mirrors in the living room can help to enhance it. For example, if you have a stunning landscape outside the window then, hang a mirror on the opposite wall, and the beauty of the landscape will double.
It is also advised not to place any mirror at your work place, as it magnifies the workload.
Don’t hang a mirror at the opposite of a door or a window since they merely reflect the chi back at itself and don’t allow the energy to enter and circulate around your home.
It is also advised that the placement of a mirror, should never distort or cut into your image as this symbolically distorts or cuts your chi and mirrors should always have frames around them to contain the good energy.
Don’t place two mirrors opposite each other as this indicates the restlessness and the energy gets stuck between the two mirrors and can’t move on.
Place a mirror near the centre of a room, building or altar to improve peace and good luck.
Hang a mirror over a doorway to bless those who enter and deter negativity.

There is a good article on Cassandra Easson's website about mirror magick


Mirror Magick by Patricia Telesco


  1. I've always wanted to work with mirrors but my husband swears they are a negative influence on the home. I have very few mirrors around my house because of his feelings. He is definitely going to get a copy of this blog so that I can start learning more about working with mirrors. Thank you so much for your information & advice.
    ~ WillowHyla ~

  2. I think mirrors have had a lot of bad press! What with Disney wicked witches and such LOL. Glad I could help.
    Blessings, Tansy x