Friday, 23 March 2012

Follow the signs!

In the past week or so the Universe has been literally throwing messages at me...and have I listened?  Nope.   Too busy wrapped up in exciting projects, I didn't listen to the Goddess, the Universe, my instincts, Oracle cards and my friends.  

Each message got stronger, until the final one which was a nasty accident involving a slip of a screwdriver and the side of my face.   I'm OK, just lots of blood, panic and tears!

My daily Oracle cards were saying "slow down, take a break", my Akashic records said "you need a retreat"  (brilliant experience having your Akashic records read by the way, take a look at for more information).   My body was telling me - I popped my knee last week so I haven't been able to exercise.

I ignored all of it.  The screwdriver accident could have been a whole lot worse and that in itself is a very scary thought.

So I am reminded (from all angles) that following the signs, following your gut, following the wisdom of the Goddess and the Universe should not be ignored!

Our bodies are wonderful things, I am still amazed that we can actually create human beings within them, and I am always amazed at how complex the workings are.  But they are also very clever in telling us when to slow down or when something isn't right - you just have to remember to listen.

So I have spent some time at the beach, just me, the surf and the stones.    I have spent some time meditating in the garden.  I have stepped away from the computer, I have switched off the phone for several hours at a time to give myself some peace and relaxation.  Sometimes it's not easy to do, I have a job (albeit part time) and a family, a house to run, meals to cook, school runs to do, the usual mum stuff.  But I am also an individual, a person, a woman that needs time occasionally to recharge and regroup - I'm just not very good at listening and following the signs - a lesson that I need to learn.  I've still got some recouping to do, but I'm getting there! words of wisdom today...don't forget to follow the signs, your gut, your instincts, the messages that the Goddess and the Universe leave out for you (or in my case throw at me), and look after YOU.   



  1. Great post! And I hope you're alright!

    I wonder if modern life, which always seems to want us to function properly, is one of the reasons we ignore obvious signs, or if our ancestors (like, our grandparents) had the same problems.

  2. Oh dear hope your ok? I'm guilty to of not listening to the signs on times, it's because there is so much I want to do and so little time but I guess sometimes the doing has to take a back seat and we have to take a break. Great blog my friend

    Rachel x

  3. I can relate to this, having ignored much in my life. I've never tangled with a screwdriver, however...hoping that you are O.K! (((Hug)))

  4. Hope you are ok! I have to giggle because I've gotten those signs and have been literally taken out to make me stop. Then when I am I'm like ohhhhhh. *giggles* One example was the time we lost our power for a week and a half lol :))))) Turned out to be one of the best weeks ever! I always say I won't forget to slow down, but I'm a mom as well, and Wicca is soooo exciting to me so I usually go from the time I wake up in the morning until bed. Great Post!!! :))))) Big Hugs