Monday, 16 April 2012

Come and meet the team!

We launch our new online School of Natural Witchcraft on 1st May, however on Saturday 5th May we will also be holding a Meet and Greet in our forum chat room to celebrate our opening and to give everyone a chance to meet our Leadership Team and ask any questions - this is open to School members AND non School members.

Our forum is free to join and the chat room is within that free forum so everyone will have access to the Meet and Greet chat, all you need to do is join our forum.

Saturday 5th May 2012
5.00pm UK/12 noon Canada & CST/1pm EST/10am PST

Our School of Natural Witchcraft:

Our Forest of Beginnings includes 21 lessons covering:

Introduction & what is a witch
Grounding and centering
Wheel of the Year
Spell Writing
Magical Tools
Record Keeping
Candle magic
Animal magic
The Fae
Herbs, flora & fauna

If you then want to move onwards, we also have the Forest of Mystery, also containing 21 lessons covering different subjects, and following on from that the Forest of Wisdom!

Our school also includes branch lessons where you can study a particular subject such as tarot, runes or psychic development.

Each lesson is taken at your own pace, you will have a dedicated tutor to help with any questions or queries you have as well as supporting you on your journey.  We also provide on line journals for you to document each step of the way.

There is no initial registration fee, charges are £10 per month payable via paypal (approx $15.96) - this fee covers all your lessons, branch classes, journals, tutor support, personal homework review and on line rituals and topic chats.

Witches image by Paul Kidby

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