Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hearth & Home

The hearth and home is very important to a Kitchen Witch.

A lot of my herbal and oil work is done in the kitchen, and most of my magical workings are done at my dining room table right in front of the fireplace.

We have written about being a Kitchen Witch on this blog before what-is-kitchen-witch
and about having a kitchen-altar and even about kitchen-witch-cleaning but what about the core, the actual hearth of the home?

I like to regularly call upon the Goddesses of the hearth and home to bring their energy to my house and family. I keep a candle holder surrounded by 13 small hag stones with a red candle in upon the fireplace in my dining room.  Every so often I light the candle and call upon the Goddesses Brighid, Hestia and Vesta to bring their good energy and blessings.

I light the candle and stand in front of the fireplace with my arms outstretched (it's OK the neighbours can't see me) and call upon them.

I use a chant from an Ellen Dugan book, it goes something like this:

Goddesses of the Home and the Sacred Hearth Flame
Brighid, Hestia and Vesta I call your names
A candle for fire, a ring of stones becomes your hearth
Bless us with warmth and security from this witches art

I say this three times, then finish with:

An harm to none, so mote it be!

It is very empowering and you can feel the change in the atmosphere of the house once it is done.

I leave the candle to burn for a couple of hours (as long as I am in the room) and when I feel the time is right I extinguish the flame and thank deity.


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