Friday, 25 May 2012


I love the patterns of mandalas, I can remember colouring them in as a child and I do now on occasion too - it is extremely therapeutic.

However a mandala is not just a pretty picture.

The word mandala is from the Indian Sanskrit and means 'circle'.  Although far from a simple circle, a mandala represents the whole, it can be seen as a structure for life itself, it reminds us of our connection to the infinite, the world that is within our bodies and minds and beyond.

A  mandala represents all aspects of life, it is the earth, the sun, the moon and all the circles we recognise in our lives those of friends and family too.

Sometimes the centre of the mandala is seen as the essence, the centre of your being, and the circle that surrounds it is your support, that which binds you together.

The purpose of a mandala is to help transform your mind into enlightenment and to assist with healing, answers and directions.  It can be done as part of a meditation, it becomes the focus of your mind.

You can draw mandalas yourself, you can print them already drawn and ready to colour in from the net, there are people that will draw them for you using numerology - there are some links below.  They can be drawn and coloured using pens, pencils or paint but they can also be made from coloured sand, spices and herbs, flowers, leaves or crystals, in fact practically any medium - see what your imagination comes up with!



  1. I love mandalas! I love the peace and connection I feel when I sit colouring them - the need to pick a specific colour to work with etc Thanks for sharing the link! *Hugs*

  2. So long as you don't intend to hang them anywhere, I also love creating my own mandalas. They don't have to be perfect, they are just a reflection of your soul in that moment. Still, I may try some of those links, too! Thanks :)

  3. I like coloring mandalas during conference calls and webinars. They are very relaxing and I'm able to concentrate.