Saturday, 5 January 2013

Calling Your Will

Calling Your Will
A Story of Transformation
by Pat Grayson

Official blurb:

Having had enough of a life that was fragmented and dysfunctional, Stevie committed suicide. However, in the corridors between this life and the one on the other side Stevie is given another chance to learn the Spiritual lessons that make sense of life. But this is not only Stevie’s story; it is everybody’s story. It is a story that keeps the reader enthralled, whilst imbuing spiritual teachings. Calling Your Will is a story that will entertain, uplift and empower.

Pat Grayson is a writer and also teaches writing. He is a spiritual seeker and has been for the last twenty-five years of his life - so it is natural that the two merge, hopefully in a way that will support other seekers. He currently lives in Australia, in a rural setting, but for many years lived in Africa. He is sixty years of age.

My review:

This book is incredibly powerful and will really make you think about your own life and the choices that you have made and will continue to make.  This book will give you the power and incentive to make positive changes to the way you think and the way that you lead your life.   

This is the story of an ordinary man and experiences that he has lived through, some that may resonate with a lot of people, Grayson uses those and the character's spirit guide to open up why we make the choices that we do and what we can do to change them around and how to bring about positive changes within our own lives.

Definitely very inspiring.

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