Sunday, 10 February 2013

Grimalkyn: The Witch's Cat

Grimalkyn: The Witch's Cat
Power Animals in Traditional Magic
By Martha Gray

There is no middle ground with cats – we either love them or loathe them – but the cat adopted as a power animal represents independence, cunning, dexterity, agility, sensuality, inscrutability and ferocity. And whether the great wild hunter of forests, deserts or grasslands, or an ordinary domestic tabby, they are beautiful creatures. Some would dismiss them as merely killing machines, but we only have to look at the history of their evolution alongside mankind to realise there is nothing on this planet quite like them.

My review

This is a great book for witches wanting to explore using cat power in their workings and it will also appeal to those with an interest in history, folklore and symbolism.  We are taken on a journey through the cat's long history from Egypt and Persia through the witchcraft trails to present day.  It is easy to see why the cat has always had strong links with witchcraft and magic. 

Martha Gray goes into great detail with not only the domestic feline but also the big cats like lions, tigers, and lynx.  Providing the reader with their history, mythology and magical associations.  There are also plenty of practical exercises within the book to help connect with these magical feline energies.