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Ask the Witches...Charging


The Witches were asked:

"We read a lot about charging things like herbs, crystals, and other items used in magic for a specific purpose. 

What are some effective ways to do that that work for you?"

So here are the answers:

For me, "charging" goes along closely with "intent". I always charge my crystals and stones in the moonlight when it is full moon but I usually have an intent in my head as I set them out such as: " May the power of our beloved Goddess cleanse and bless these that I might find positive energy to help me with my deeds." A few years ago I put out a good sized clear quarts crystal that had striations at the top inside, but there was no colour. When I went to get it the next day I was happily surprised to find that in the area of the striations was now a beautiful peach/apricot colour. To me it was another lesson from the Goddess that we must believe in miracles, they can happen every day of our lives.

I like to also charge some of the crystals in the Sun asking the same as above but with the Gods, If I have a particular situation that I need assistance with then I will state that as I put the crystals out. Example, I like to charge my Citrine pendulum in the sun. It is a sun stone and working with it I like to charge it quite often.

The same goes with both the wind and the rain. All elements can cleans and charge things as well as charging them with my own energy. I sit quietly with my intent in my mind, and in my minds eye I see energy flowing from my hands that surround the specific stone/crystal/object. I can feel my energy pulsating from me, a warm and wonderful feeling.

As you go along, try all different ways to cleanse and charge things. You will find the ones that resonate with you, but experiment and know with your heart that all of this does happen in our reality, it is not just imagined. Again, remember "intent" is a very big part of our workings.



If I am making something like a charm bag or witches bottle I like to charge each item as I put it in. I think of it as layering the magic. So I would hold the herb, crystal or other item in my hands, visualise my intent infuses with the item. I might then gently whisper or chant to each item as I place it in the bag/bottle, the charging energy being carried on by breath.

I leave out certain crystals like moon stone, selenite, etc in the light of the full moon. Either on my windowsill or outside unless it going to rain or its too cold. Some crystals like citrine, sunstone, tigers eye etc I like to leave to charge in the sun. This is a good way of charging the crystals as it doesn't really require any intervention from me.

If you feel you need a little more oooomph for something like charging a ritual tool for example, you may want to work a ritual and call in specific deities and elements to help you, depending on your need.

Sunchylde Dryadmoon


I do the same as Sun and Storm, although I've never actually charged my crystals in the sun. We had a big garden table that I put all my crystals out on, on trays. But it collapsed recently and I haven't figured out how I'm going to charge them in the full moon now. I can't lay them on the floor as the dogs will have them.  I'll probably just put a few on the window sills. It used to be so easy, but has got to be a bit of a palaver now that my crystal collection has grown so much.



I have a lot of crystals and tend to charge them as I need them. Although I have some with specific correspondences, I'll use my intuition if I feel drawn to a particular crystal. I'll hold the crystal in my hands and visualise the intent. When I feel that it's work has been done, I'll cleanse the crystal - if it needs it - by passing it through incense smoke.
Herbs I will charge as I use them, either in spell work, incense or charm bags or bottles. As I place the herb into the bag/witch bottle or on my altar or in my small cauldron for incense, I'll hold them in my hands and visualise the intent.

Autumn Ravenflower


As I work a lot with crystals and my pendulum I am charging them all the time.

Every time I have worked with them with a client i will then cleanse them and then charge them before I work with another person as they work hard helping me .

To cleanse them I will use different techniques depending on what work they have been doing.
They range from ;

running them under water
bathing in salt water
running through sage
running through fire
putting them in the earth.

To charge them I also use different techniques depending on what I feel the crystal need or what energy will help the client.

I can run them through fire
put out under a full moon
put out in the sun
run through Incense

I also use sound to charge them using tuning forks or anything that vibrates the energy.

I will also use myself to charge things particularly my pendulum. I like to use Reiki calling in the Violet Flame.

I will hold the item and focus my intent pouring in the Reiki.

As a Bach Flower practitioner I charge a lot of water to use for making up my Mother bottles.
For this I will put out spring water ( covered) in a glass bottle or container in the moon light.
I use the full and new moons.
I also use the sun to charge water.
I then make up my Mother bottles ready to make up the tinctures.

Lela Moon

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