Sunday 22 January 2012

Stories from Stonewylde

Yesterday I finished reading the second book in the Stonewylde series and wanted to share with you.

WOW!  Both books I have read so far have been amazing, truly magical stories with enchanting characters and captivating plot lines.

Stonewylde is an idyllic setting shut away from the manic outside world, full of Earth and Moon magic, magicians and crones.

The stories are about the fight between good and evil with a wonderful passionate romance entwined within the story line along with heaps of magic.  The wonderful Kit Berry obviously knows her magic and her history of the Green Man, adding to the tales her knowledge and experience of Moon and Earth magic.

If you have pagan beliefs you will love these stories and the magic within, if you aren't pagan you will love the stories just as much.

It was late when I finished reading Moondance last night, a total 'page turner' some pages being turned whilst I held my breath to find out what happened on the next page, I won't spoil the ending but as I read the last line I actually exclaimed out loud "oh noooooooooooo" and even though it was way past my bed time I had to pick up book three and read the first few pages just to find out what was going on!!

Outline of the stories from the Stonewylde website:

Stonewylde is an alternative community, hidden away in the heart of Dorset and ruled by the charismatic Magus. It's a place of standing stones and earth energy – a place where the old ways are remembered. Within a great stone circle the eight pagan festivals are celebrated and ancient rites performed. The thirteen full moons are honoured and the people live natural and uncomplicated lives, as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years.
But all is not quite as it seems. There's another side to Stonewylde; a darker side where cruelty is rife. There's a more sinister purpose behind the rituals held in the Stone Circle than simply honouring the Earth Goddess and the elements of nature. Sylvie and her mother are invited into the community, victims of modern life. Suffering from the stresses of inner city life, they believe that by entering the enclosed world of Stonewylde, their troubles will be over. Magus promises them fulfilment; that they will lack for nothing. He promises to heal them and care for them, calling on the green magic that pervades everything at Stonewylde. But one boy alone understands the true reason for their invitation, and what malevolence their arrival has triggered.
As the series unfolds, the struggle between Yul and his master becomes more brutal and the stakes are raised. Sylvie is in terrible danger as an old prophecy is revealed and the pieces of the puzzle start to slide into place. Sylvie and Yul must battle not only to save themselves, but the very heart of Stonewylde.

Highly recommended, if you haven't read them yet it!

There are four books in the series published so far, the fifth and last book will be published this year...I can't wait to see what happens, although if it's not a happy ending I will be devastated!

The Stonewylde website is


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