Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Twisted Journey

Hiya - Starlit here!

It gives me serious goose bumps and a tingly sparkly feeling to write that Tansy and Sun have given me permission to share my current journey with you all....

Image provided by Peter Patterson
A fellow student PsychicGypsy and I have recently launched a business venture. We launched officially on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and have been steadily growing ever since. We are called Twisted Sisters Tarot & Tools.

We came together a little under a year ago when we met at a ritual in Southampton UK, we became firm friends, somehow PsychicGypsy cut through my case of social offstandishness and we started attending rituals and workshops together with Kitchen Witch. I'd already been studying for just under a year and I shamelessly gushed about the school and the people so much she took up her own path!

In December 2013, we started talking about wanting to set up a stall, we put our heads together and realised we were somehow thinking similar things - there's a gap in the witchy market and we could be the ones to fill it!!!!

Same month she did a reading for me and OMGODDESS my girl has some serious talent - she's been reading for a long old while now and is wanting so much to make it a full time thing. She's had so many positive experiences with clients, I couldn't ask for a more talented witchy sister. The tools aspect comes from my frustrations at going to fairs and new age shops and never being able to find what I want - Tools of the craft...

Now I don't mean chalices, athames, wands, or besoms because they can be found all over fairs, I mean things like witches bottles, pouches, and poppets as examples - the tools of folk magic & Hoodoo!

As avid kitchen witchers and firm followers of folk magic we figure, and this comes straight from our hearts, that with our secret blends of herbs, crystals and a touch of sparkle we can provide the witchy community with something a little different...

The idea is that PsychicGypsy will provide a reading that may or may not reveal areas of life that you might want to work on, and then we will provide a tool of your choice that you can fill with your intent to hopefully bring about the changes you want.

We have chosen 8 categories to work with -- love/friendship, prosperity, protection, peace, passion/lust, confidence/self esteem, divination and fertility and we are crafting poppets, pouches, and witches bottles in each area all spelled with the best intentions. Of course you don't have to have a reading to purchase or purchase a tool to get a reading, or purchase a tool after a reading (heehee, confusing!) but it is a service we're keen to provide!

So here marks the beginning our journey! You know what we're all about now!! :) Over the coming blogs I will be updating you on the happenings at Twisted HQ... along with my usual brand of ramblings!

Much love and starlight to ya'll xxx

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  1. Wishing you Good Luck in your venture together. Bright Blessings xx