Thursday, 28 January 2016

Guide to making a Brighid's Cross by Lela Moon

Guide to making St Brigid's Cross

Take Some pipe cleaners in any colour you wish. these ones are 6 inches long

Bend all in half

Take two pipe cleaners and slot together

take one pipe cleaner and slot over the one on the left at a right angle

take another pipe cleaner and slot it over the cleaner on the right

Now take a pipe cleaner and put it sideways over the pipe cleaner that is pointing upwards

Then take another one and go over the last one pointing downwards taking in the other ones and pull tight.

take another one and point it to the left and slot over all the pipe cleaners that are pointing downwards.

then take another and slot it upwards taking in all the cleaners on the left

carry on going round the square using the same method till it is as big as you want.

when you are done tie all the ends with ribbon or as i did with one of the ends of a pipe cleaner ..pop it on your alter xx

Lela Moon

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