Saturday, 6 February 2016

February Crafts by Lela Moon

February Crafts by Lela Moon

This month we have four simple crafts.
These crafts are nice to make now but can be adapted and made into different shapes for yule.

Paper hanging hearts
Wool hanging hearts
Wax hearts

Paper hanging hearts

You will need:

A4 paper any colour
felt tips, glitter or stickers if you want

Cut your paper into strips about an inch wide or however fat you want your hearts.

Decorate if you wish with felt tips, glitter or stickers.

Fold the first heart over and staple at the bottom.

Make the top into a heart shape by bending down.

Put the bottom part of the next heart into the top of the heart shape and staple.

Carry on until you have the desired length.

Put an open strip in the last one to use to hang them up.

Wool hanging hearts.

You will need:

Florist wire or any soft wire
Little bit of paper for a message if necessary

Make the wire into a heart shape

Cut off a length of wool, mine was about 12 inches.

Knot the wool to the part of the heart where the wire joins.

Weave the wool about the heart making sure you twist it at each joining.

When you are done knot the wool and then add a bit to the top to hang it from.

You can add a little message if you want.


I have always wanted to make these.

You will need:

Squares of paper
Split pins
Glue, I use a glue gun as its faster.

Take a square of paper . Mine is 6 x 6 inches.

fold into a triangle

fold the other way

Cut along the four lines to about an inch from the top

Fold the corners into the middle using the glue to secure.

Make a hole in the middle, carefully.

Push in a split pin.

The windmill can be left as it is and stuck onto the wall or poke into a straw or into a stick to make a windmill.

You could do this with plastic so they can then go out in the garden or you could laminate your paper first but you will need a glue gun to secure and be careful making the hole for the split pin.

Wax hearts

These are amazing and a wonderful gift for your valentine.

You will need:

Those horrid children’s wax crayons that they break and peel off the paper
A metal dough cutter
Silicone moulds if you have them
Baking tray
Grease proof paper

Line the baking tray with Grease proof paper

Put in the shape

Break up the crayons and fill the heart.

I just covered the bottom.

Put some in the silicone moulds if you have them .

Bake in an oven at 200 degrees for about ten mins but have a little look as it may be quicker.

Take out carefully.

Some of the wax will seep out from under the cutter but leave it all to cool.

When they are cold cut away the excess and pop out the wax from the molds.

These can be used again as crayons. Children would love them made into different shapes and would probably use them instead of breaking them up and picking off the paper!

Hope you enjoy making these.

Lela Moon

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