Tuesday, 29 March 2016

April crafts by Lela Moon

April crafts by Lela Moon

Someone said to me that these crafts were too basic and easy…

YES, they are, because I have had so many people say they would love to make things but feel they cant because they are not good enough.

Everyone should be able to make these.

Dog raggie

You will need old material

Cut it into three strips

Tie one end

Tightly plait it

Tie the other end

Give to the dogs

Bow Key Ring

You will need 
Thin card
Glue, I used a glue gun
Key ring holder

Cut out the thin card into these shapes

Glue the thin card onto the material

cut out round the shape with pinking shears

And then put material on the back of the bit like this.

Fold the edges into the middle to make the bow and stick down

Stick on the ribbon end bit to the back

Then wrap the thin oblong bit round the bow and attach the ring to the back

Put on your keys and off you go

This can also be made with felt and foam leaving out the thin card.


Remember your tree you made for your altar ?

Well now is the time to add the blossom onto it.

Screw up little bits of tissue paper or loo roll and stick to the branches. Ta Da!

Lela Moon

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