Sunday, 26 June 2016

Wasp Animal Totem by StormloverWolf

Wasp Animal Totem, Friend or Foe you decide.....
by StormloverWolf

It has almost become laughable as to how many wasps I have every summer, but this summer so far is just ridiculous! My wasp friends seem to have moved into all of my bird houses, so I moved them to an area off the patio and into the yards where there is no a lot of activity....Then this weekend I open my umbrella on the patio and there are three nests in there say “Hello, we are still here with you”!!

So today in a chat with some other students in the Kitchen Witch Chat Room, a friend of mine suggested since the Wasps seem to be a steady partner for me again this year and even more abundant, do some research (which I adore) and see what they might be telling you! Why didn't I think of that?

So following is a mix of information of research that I did on Wasps, and I found it all completely interesting and I am able to smile and acknowledge much of this into my life. Past, present and hopefully future as well.......

Different symbolic Wasp symbols and meanings...

Communication: Are we conveying our messages as we mean them to come across either to ourselves or to others??

Being productive: Are you still stalling on a project that you know needs to be done? See the goal in your mind, and make the time to go after it.

Construction/building: You have had idea's to make things that will propel you further with your goals, well...get busy and do them, don't just think about them!

Challenges: So you have a few “piles' of things around the home or office that you have needed to deal with, who is stopping you?

Female warrior strength: Who said you couldn't do it? You are strong by yourself and even more so with others helping you. Get your ladies together and get on with it then....You can do this!!

Expected the “Unexpected”: Be prepared in all kinds of, safety, transportation,social gatherings. Keep your calendar handy! If something passes you by that you knew about but didn't remember, that's on you honey!

Wasp as your animal totem: You are confident and independent in your thinking. You set your goals and you stick with them until they are completed. You enjoy both social gatherings, yet are quite happy spending time with just yourself as well. Your speaking to others is very expressive and can even “sting” when you want to make a point.

Wasp shows us how to be a powerful female warriors in both our thoughts and our deeds. If you are stung? This is the Wasp saying “Hello, need a fresh slap in the face? Wake up you are NOT seeing what you need to!” She is also reminding that your spiritual work may need to be attended to. Wasp is a great teacher for us in that she can teach you great lessons in both strength, but in being humble as well! Do not carry arrogance as it will eat away at your soul! You can't help others, until you yourself are strong. Be there for each other, yet find time for silence on your own to heal your mind and body.

The colours of Wasp, bright yellow and black striations resemble the duality in our lives. Good/Bad, Female/Male, Anger/Love, Life/Death. Has the Wasp come into your life to show you the importance of seeing both sides of a situation?

In researching Wasp it has brought a lot of things to light for me. I have been busy for weeks, and will continue to be for months letting all things physically go in my life as I will be moving and down-sizing. It has been so liberating to see things out the door that I have hung on to for way too long. I am also being more discerning with people in my life that have drained me emotionally and negatively.

So, I will smile as my Wasps continue to remind me to keep diligent in my goals, that I will succeed with my long term plans and that there will be help when I need it. 


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