Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Journey for Samhain by StormloverWolf

A Journey for Samhain by StormloverWolf

And so we set out, my “sisters” and I. We all had our cloaks on, different colors, different lengths. Our eye's sparkling, and we spoke in hushed tones. Our journey wouldn't take us long to arrive, and squirrels and rabbits ran by our side. Holding carrots and nuts to enjoy their own feast this night.

Long feathers of fern grew at the base of the Pine trees, with flowers and mushrooms tucked here and there. There was the rustle of leaves as we walked along our path, guided by moonlight with her rich powerful gaze upon us.

We began to smell the sweet smoke of our bonfire as it wafted through the tree branches. There at last was our meeting place, that we would soon grace. Each sister that had walked in a pair, now parted and circled each side of the fire. Hands held hands as we smiled with anticipation of the coming power we will raise on this night.

We centered and grounded as one sister walked deosil to close us in the powerful circle. Four sisters stepped forward to call our Quarters, and two more once again to call the Goddess and God.

It is the Witches New Year, the wheel has turned us through the season's once again and we gather with grateful hearts for that which we have received. We each take a turn speaking what's in our hearts and then the music begins.....

The guitar, the fiddle and tambourines too, wherever did they come from? Oh I think we knew....
There were giggles and snickers, and swirls of long skirts. The drum beat began and we all felt the mirth.

The rhythm got faster as we turned this way and that, The notes we had written now fall in the vat. The large cauldron on the fire that began to spat. It bubbles, and boils the faster we chant.

The energies rise with all our “intent”, we gather our voices until we are near spent.

“This is our Witches New Year”, we call to the heavens. “May we continue to make each day special and guard our planet. Let no one deter us from our duties and share with others our knowledge... Of life and of love, our nuturing, our “work”. Our duties we take serious and we will not shirk”.

“Our New Year begins, so hurry let's go”..... “ Draw the mead, fill your glasses and pass us those sweet cakes. We toast to our ancestors, and promises we do make”.

The music is slow now and critters fast sleeping. We gather our gifts from which we've been feasting.

Farewell to the Quarters and our Deites too, we made memories tonight, realized goals, and planned ahead for the next year's delight.

“Our Circle is open, but never broken.
Merry we Meet, to Merry we Part, to Merry Meet once again.
Blessed Be!”


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