Friday, 3 February 2012

Simple Imbolc Candle Ritual

A simple Imbolc candle ritual for you:

Place a candle of your choice (white, pale green, pale yellow or pale pink makes me think Imbolc, but go with what colour you feel is right for you).

I used some pretty sea pebbles to surround the base, but place it in a candle holder that you like.

Gather together some herbs, think about what intent you have, I used:

Bay for protection, psychic powers and strength
Lemon balm for love and success in my new ventures
Thyme for health, psychic powers, love and courage

Sit yourself in a comfortable spot and place the candle in front of you.

Take a few deep breathes to clear your mind then light the candle.

As it burns watch the flame, really focus on the flame and let your mind stay open to images that might present themselves.

Then sprinkle some of each herb onto the candle over the flame, stating the intent of each one as you do so.

Then I called upon Brighid, as Imbolc is her Sabbat it seemed right to me, but go with what feels right for you.

I requested her presence and then sat for some time, still watching the candle flame and listened to her wise words.

I sat until the candle flame had gone out, I used a small beeswax candle which burns fairly quickly.  Once I was ready I thanked Brighid for her presence and returned the candle stub and the un burnt herbs to the soil.

Whilst I was out in the garden I also poured some milk and honey onto the soil for the Fae.



  1. Very nice, very clean and simple enough for anyone to do who has never celebrated Imbolc before.

  2. Nice! I've seen candles infused with herbs, as well as them sitting on top, but I never thought of doing it myself. I think I will--I don't observe Imbolc anymore, but you've given me ideas for other Sabbats. ~)O(~

  3. i feel peaceful after reading that!

  4. Wow. So simple. :)

  5. Imbolc is a special time of year on our farm. The goats are having kids and the chickens start laying eggs again. We are planning out our garden at this time so I do a seed blessing during Imbolc before I start the greenhouse plants. This is lovely :) thank you.

  6. Very nice ritual and beautifully explained.

  7. First time at this site. I like the way it's layed out. Easy to read. Ritual seems simple enough, intent being the main focus. Thank you!

  8. Beautiful in its simplicity. But if the ground is frozen and covered in snow, what then? Bury everything in the snow? Or save it until the first real thaw?

  9. Anonymous - burying the candle stub is just a way of disposing of the end of the spell. It doesn't have to be buried it can be thrown away in the trash.